At the age of 18, Whilst at Law School – Charles founded ProTime Fitness, a Sports Nutrition Manufacturing Company and Clothing Brand. He grew the company to $300K ARR, with customers worldwide before being Kicked out of his own company by an investor.


Charles went self employed, determined to be a success and acquired 20 clients in a short time, as a solo entrepreneur leading him to open up his own ltd company. One of them being – Smart Apps London, A Web Development and Software Company, closing them $500,000 in new business. For Zopto, he became their Top Sales Guy closing $250,000.


Charles founded Newson, which is now ranked the UK’s No.1 Appointment Setting and Sales Closing White Label Marketing agency. To date, Charles has worked with 1000 clients globally and has been the catalyst for success for over 15 digital agency owners to help them grow a 6 figure agency. Providing them with strategy, experience and fulfilment for their clients.


Charles founded Launchr – A Startup Business Incubator Platform and 6 Figure Mentoring Academy to help thousands of people become 6 figure business owners with the knowledge and failures he has learned through his business journey.

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